zOMG like … nodmraid boot option totally doesnt work …

[zUPDATE]: zOMG its like … ya know … I made a typo and hit the wrong load …. nodmraid works fine (along with some brokenmodule=… magic).
As Emily Litella would say, never mind.

This one is (again) causing me to pull some of my rapidly disappearing hair out of my head.
We don’t do fakeRAID. For many reasons. We have a vanishingly small interest in dm*. We want to turn it off. Badly. We want no installation kernel to see/use/suggest fakeRAID.
So there I am, booting a system with two SSD, and our Tiburon(SMaSH) script which autogenerates portions of a kickstart on the system, happily (and correctly from what I can tell by debugging it on the system) generates our scheme.
Well, its happy until somewhere in the process, the kernel decides “hey, you know … I am going to load this fakeRAID stuff, and muck with his install.” So then anaconda (not exactly known to be either bulletproof or forgiving) dies on an “sda not found” for clearpart error. So I Ctrl-Alt-F2, and look. Sure enough, there is sda. And I can run fdisk. And I can look in /sys/block/sda/… and find stuff.
The kernel must be on drugs.
Or dm*. Same thing.
I want to turn dm* off. Completely off. Its getting to the point where I am giving very serious consideration to putting my own kernel and initrd into the boot process, and turning off dmraid there. In fact, I think I am gonna try this.