The business side of things …

Doing more siCluster quotes per day than I thought I would be at this stage. Each unit in the JackRabbit JR4 based siCluster sustains well over 2GB/s to and from disk for TB sized files. Some of the benchmarks we’ve seen suggest strongly that ‘competitive’ solutions require many more of their systems to achieve bandwidth […]

More M&A in HPC

Hearing more M&A rumors, can’t say who. This is the time to buy, get the deal done now before the prices rise. Viewed 16920 times by 3769 viewers

OT: Learning how to work with only one hand

I have a cast on from my hand surgery last week. I have a new metal plate attached to my bone. Learning to be a southpaw isnt easy. I get the cast off this morning. Should be fun. Then the PT starts. This is one of the very few forms of socially and legally acceptable […]

IBM grabs Netezza

IBM is acquiring Netezza for $1.7B USD. This can be an interesting play in massive OLAP and BI. both of which resist calling themselves HPC, but most definitely are. M&A is continuing to heat up folks. The big guys are buying the little guys. [update] … and of course there is weirdness … according to […]

Great concept from the UK …

We should replicate it here. From the article. Outlining a commitment to ???simplify, standardise and automate???, McCluggage said the government would make it easier for open-source suppliers to compete for contracts, making the public sector less reliant on individual suppliers, or locked into proprietary systems. Singling out desktop productivity software for particular concern, hinting at […]

OT: what my hand looks like (x-ray)

Not gross, but if you are a little squeamish, don’t click the picture for the big one. Here’s the small image. The green arrows, hand drawn by me, should show the two problems. First is on the left of the image, a chunk of the knuckle has been broken off. Yeah, that hurts. But the […]

Every time I upgrade an OS … every single time …

Java and its connection to browsers break. Now normally, I wouldn’t care, as I don’t personally have a very high opinion of the be-all-and-end-all language/system known as java. Its overly verbose, under performing, and doesn’t play well with any operating system. Copy/paste buffers … well, there is a whole huge litany of issues with it, […]

Cost/risk benefit analysis

There are costs to taking specific actions, there are risks, and there may be benefits. Here is an example of a risk (or cost) Q: what do you get when you spar (e.g. fight in a controlled manner so as to work on technique) with a 3rd dan (3rd degree blackbelt), and then mess up […]

The missing middle, a marketing term, but a real problem

If you listen to IDC talk about HPC, they will talk about “the missing middle”, which is basically a marketing term for a market segment that isn’t being well addressed by HPC vendors with clusters. It is being addressed by some (hint: the day job) in a variety of ways. An article at InsideHPC by […]

On benchmarking in general

I wonder if the reason there are so many bad benchmarks and incorrect conclusions drawn from bad benchmarks comes, to some significant level, from a basic misunderstanding of measurement, how to perform them, and what you are measuring. Several years ago, we watched folks who should know better, insist that 2GB bonnie++ data (the 2GB […]