Day job has a "Cash for Clunkers" program up

For those who don’t get the reference, “Cash for Clunkers” is a colloquialism meaning a hardware trade-in program for old gear.
PR is here, and direct link to the site itself here.
Basically, we’ll take old [HPC] storage gear and provide a discount to you for taking this old gear. There are limitations on which old gear, as well it must be operational and in working order, etc. . Also you are responsible for shipping costs.
Feel free to pass this on. Offer valid globally, though subject to final decision on discount for individual units being considered for trade-in, from Scalable Informatics. Contact the day job if you’d like to find out if you have gear that qualifies.
[update] I should note that the day job can provide GlusterFS, Lustre, and soon Ceph parallel file systems (in addition to PVFS2, OCFS2, GFS, etc.), and that the day job also has the capability to help you migrate your data to the new system.
For those who aren’t aware, the new 4U JR4 based units are sustaining more than 2GB/s read/write, so imagine a reasonable sized storage cluster of say 16 of these units with a good Infiniband infrastructure behind it. Cluster file system of your choice.
[update2] Noted on InsideHPC now.

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  1. @Luke
    Great idea …. are they a non profit (didn’t see it on the website)? Nothing like making a strong business case for this as well.
    And thanks for the pointer regardless!

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