Great concept from the UK …

We should replicate it here.
From the article.

Outlining a commitment to ???simplify, standardise and automate???, McCluggage said the government would make it easier for open-source suppliers to compete for contracts, making the public sector less reliant on individual suppliers, or locked into proprietary systems.
Singling out desktop productivity software for particular concern, hinting at a possible move towards cloud-based solutions to escape licensing restrictions:

“We have 600,000 desktop licences for one specific desktop productivity tool. How do we resize government to re-use assets which we already have, without the lock-in of new licences????

I’ve mentioned it many times, but the primary driver of significant sea changes are cost issues. Cloud and open source are both mechanisms for reducing desktop application costs.
Similar pressures are in place in HPC. Cloud HPC is currently mostly an overflow computing model, with some folks using it for primary computing. I expect more to start using these for primary computing, along with their super desktops.
As the GPU conference is noting, APUs in general and GPUs in particular are driving cost per cycle down. This is what has been driving, and will continue to drive the HPC market growth for the forseeable future.
The Brits have it right. Do something different. Look to the smaller and more innovative companies, work with them.