Interesting post on benchmarking

Here. In it, the author makes a number of points. Some I take no issue with, or don’t have direct knowledge of. Others … Two benchmarking tools, CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD, are popular despite a flaw that many reviewers noticed: they report sequential read/write throughput results consistently inferior to other benchmarking tools (especially for SF-1200-based […]

The SSDs that failed

The OEM went silent. We reported the issues, opened RMAs. To say I am not pleased … well … These are Corsair CMFSSD-32D1 units. According to their site 100+ Year Life Expectancy (MTBF) Ummm … no. Not even close. We are experiencing about a 70% failure rate, within 3 months of acquisition. In many different […]

SSD failure issue explained

I think I understand most of it. The OEM went dark on communicating with us. This is unfortunate. I really wish they hadn’t. Suffice it to say we are replacing all of the units of theirs we have in field. We have documentation up on our documentation site on how to do the swap out. […]

9/11 memorium

Not an HPC topic, but one that all Americans can reflect upon … their thoughts, their experiences … and to resolve not to let this happen ever again, in any form. Never again. I had left SGI, and was working for a smaller engineering software company. I had lined up a bunch of interviews for […]

Oracle and Netapp bury the ZFS patent hatchet

Color me skeptical. I don’t think there has been an actual resolution of the core issues, just an agreement to abstain from legal hostilities. See this article for some information. ZFS will continue as a patent encumbered software stack, and since no resolution exists between Oracle and Netapp, Netapp could, potentially, press its claims against […]

… and the day job desktop disk blowed up …

Well, the OS drive did anyway. The home directory data is happily living on the RAID unit. Curiously, we just got our BackupPC based backup unit set up, and it was backing this unit up … Oh well. No great loss, apart from setup time for the new OS drive(s). Will do a software RAID […]

Ceph updates

rbd is in testing. Have a look at the link, but here are some of the highlights The basic feature set: network block device backed by objects in the Ceph distributed object store (rados) thinly provisioned image resizing image export/import/copy/rename read-only snapshots revert to snapshot Linux and qemu/kvm clients We are doing something like this […]

Day job has a “Cash for Clunkers” program up

For those who don’t get the reference, “Cash for Clunkers” is a colloquialism meaning a hardware trade-in program for old gear. PR is here, and direct link to the site itself here. Basically, we’ll take old [HPC] storage gear and provide a discount to you for taking this old gear. There are limitations on which […]

We’ve come a long way in 13 years …

Have a look at today’s Google home page, and you see the 25th anniversary of buckyballs, aka fullerene, which are particular structures made out of carbon. These fullerenes are very much related to graphite (pencil “lead”), and have some very interesting physics and chemistry of their own. They were discovered when I was in my […]