Passing of torches in the industry

One constant in the world is change. You can fear it, or learn to embrace it. This is part of all markets, HPC and many others.
This morning we woke to news that Rich Brueckner bought InsideHPC. Rich is a good reporter and writer, has a marketing firm, and has been working in HPC for a while. We spent time as colleagues at SGI/Cray (yeah, its been a while). Rich now owns one of the brightest brands in HPC news and information. John West and John Leidel have done an excellent job bringing this publication up from a dream into reality. And we wish Rich success in bringing this to the next level. We are always happy to help, and hopefully will be stepping up our advertising budgets/efforts soon. Well marketing in general, but thats another story.
Also, this morning Dell threw in the towel on 3Par. They gave up the bidding. HP wanted 3Par badly. My guess at making Dell hurt looks like it was wrong. HP really wanted 3Par.
FWIW, I expect M&A to pick up with significant strength over the next year or two. There is much in the strategic positioning element, and I expect that many torches will be passed, merged and bought.