SSD failure issue explained

I think I understand most of it. The OEM went dark on communicating with us. This is unfortunate. I really wish they hadn’t. Suffice it to say we are replacing all of the units of theirs we have in field. We have documentation up on our documentation site on how to do the swap out.
It appears to be a bad batch. I am guessing (until we learn otherwise) that they got some bad silicon at some point. We will crack open a failed unit and a working unit (sacrificing both), to see if we can spot version differences, and speak with the OEM about this. I am hoping they will resume working with us. It would be better to discuss the problem in a non-confrontational manner, with their participation on the analysis. Without them, all we have is a brand name, a part number, and a recommendation to stay away from the part.
Which isn’t what they want. I’ll work on convincing them of this, this coming week, but I don’t have infinite patience or time to spend, so there is a time limit.