The business side of things …

Doing more siCluster quotes per day than I thought I would be at this stage. Each unit in the JackRabbit JR4 based siCluster sustains well over 2GB/s to and from disk for TB sized files. Some of the benchmarks we’ve seen suggest strongly that ‘competitive’ solutions require many more of their systems to achieve bandwidth and application performance parity, which turns the already unfavorable price performance comparison into a rout.
We are hearing from customers deploying JackRabbit units in ways we didn’t originally intend, now indicating that they scale quite a bit better than their modern (insert enterprise NAS vendors here) NAS system.
DeltaV is hitting a good stride. We are seeing strong and growing interest, and people leveraging them across wider swaths of application than we originally scoped.
We are adding agents and resellers, and we should be announcing a few new reseller partnerships soon. Including a nice one in the Dallas TX area (woot!).

3 thoughts on “The business side of things …”

  1. Adding resellers? Any in Georgia? I’m *hoping* (not at all sure) to be monetarily interested next May/June…
    (Going outside the “approved reseller” list requires opening to a full bid process, which ends up being more expensive than the damned system.)

  2. @Jason
    Working with a number of edu specific resellers, chances are at least one is on the approved list … bug me at the day job ( and I’ll list a few, see if they hit.
    Other states have a similar statewide contract mechanism, that mucks up the whole free-market concept (and results in a overcharging for basic goods … its sad to see defenders of this status demonstrated to them that they are overpaying … lots of rapid eye blinking, stammering … stuff like that)

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