BTRFS is effectively stable

Yeah, I know, the web page says its under heavy development. And its on disk format can change. And its mailing list is chock full of patches. But it passed our stability test. 100 iterations (3.2TB written/read in all and compared to checksums) of the following fio test case. Viewed 24909 times by 6955 viewers

Current “fastest” supercomputer is … APU powered !

Go figure. Between 6 and 3 years ago, when we were pitching HPC accelerators to VCs, trying to convince them that it was inevitable that supercomputing was going this route, we (optimistically) predicted that the worlds fastest machine would be Accelerator Processing Unit (APU) based in 2012. Well, we were wrong. November 2010 is the […]

Running some btrfs (vs xfs) tests on 2.6.36

Interesting results thus far, but not quite what I expected. Doing our acid test (reading and writing 8 threads of 8GB each for 64GB per read/write test, 100 times, with crc checking turned on). If btrfs doesn’t crash the kernel, and doesn’t start tossing CRC errors, yeah, its safe to use then (though we will […]

2 … no 3! new resellers in the past week

Been a very busy beaver, even with a broken finger. We now have 3 new resellers. We’ll have this info up on a page soon at the day job. One very well known group in edu/research, another helped us get our first NOAA sale, and another is headed up by a former colleague from SGI/Cray […]

How cool is this …

Customers machine went down. They have a spare (buy them in pairs). Needed us to look at it. Set their unit up to boot from a virtual CD over the IPMI port. ?Pointed that virtual CD at a bootserver we had built in a VM. Poked some holes in the firewall. And voila. The machine […]

Interesting customer feedback

One little single chassis JR4 apparently is a bit faster, at being a NAS, than a 6 shelf product from [some other scale out NAS vendor, a rather well known one]. This vendor is currently the rage in NGS circles. We know we are fast. We knew the other folks weren’t so fast. I am […]

Raw, uncompromising, unapologetic … firepower

Latest Scalable Informatics high performance JR4 test runs … untuned. I should say, imagine a rack full of 10 of these, with a functional IB QDR fabric behind them. Makes for a nice 23 GB/s (best case) per rack cluster file system platform. Viewed 16961 times by 3746 viewers