IBM grabs Blade Networks

Again, M&A on a roll. Larger vendors going for the “integrated” stack. I won’t comment on whether or not a single vendor is a good idea for anything … there are several recent examples of single vendor with a change of business direction resulting in a rather large and extended “oh-feces” situations for their now former HPC client??le.
There are economies of scale, there are synergies. One company cannot hope to do everything well for all customers. Companies have core competencies. And non core interests. Its a balance … as extending a core competency buy buying another company could have some negative effects on customers of the units in the future, as business decisions about products in use by the customer aren’t being made by the same organization anymore. They often do have different priorities, then customers are SOL when the decisions come down.
But M&A will continue apace, if not accelerate hard. This one may be a good hookup or it might not be good. Won’t know for a while.

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  1. Blade Networks switches are what IBM seem to be using for their 1GigE switches, with Force10 for their 10GigE stuff – at least for our BG/P and iDataPlex (a few months old now).

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