Running some btrfs (vs xfs) tests on 2.6.36

Interesting results thus far, but not quite what I expected. Doing our acid test (reading and writing 8 threads of 8GB each for 64GB per read/write test, 100 times, with crc checking turned on). If btrfs doesn’t crash the kernel, and doesn’t start tossing CRC errors, yeah, its safe to use then (though we will throw the real octobonnie and hexadecabonnie loads at it).

2 thoughts on “Running some btrfs (vs xfs) tests on 2.6.36”

  1. Unfortunately there’s been no real patches merged into the mainline since July, and I’m not sure if they’re going to make the rather truncated merge window for 2.6.37 either (due in 4-5 days from what I hear). There is plenty of work going on, just it’s not getting pushed upstream yet..

    • @Chris
      Yeah … I should look at the tree … Getting good single thread speeds, good write speeds, not so good read speeds.

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