Seeing strong demand for large memory systems

We have multiple customers asking for systems with Intel Xeon 3+ GHz cores and 512+ GB of ram. Not just in financial services, but in engineering (NVH and other computing). Interesting development, and its nice to see this interest. It doesn’t hurt these large computing systems to have huge pipes to IO as well. This […]

OT: the theater keeps getting more absurd

Like many other things today, this is a comedic horror show. Its god aweful, but you just can’t stop watching, and shaking your head. Apparently 70+% of US citizens want Israeli style airport security … which … curiously … works well. What we get instead is this. Scanning someone … who is entering the country, […]

Power outage at day job

Running the main server on the generator (UPS connected). Gotta love DTE. Was down this morning, came back, of course lots of work to get done. Then we heard a big bang. Lights flickered and went down. Oddly, one of our circuits is live. The rest aren’t but one is. Found it as the coffemaker […]

Interesting reading on SSD reliability

Been researching this more. The questions I am asking now are, are the MTBF numbers believable? Are their bad batches of NAND chips … SLC, MLC? What failure rates do people see with SLC? We have seen failures in both SLC and MLC units. MLC is generally indicated to be less reliable than SLC. Viewed […]

More M&A: Novell sold itself to Attachmate

This is interesting. This is a new line of business for Attachmate, they aren’t in OSes, NOS, and other things directly related to this. I don’t quite understand the rationale behind the acquisition. I need to look at that one more. Best guess is that Attachmate is really a holding company with a loose connection […]

Expectations set incorrectly?

So I wonder if we should be thinking that SSDs shouldn’t fail as often as spinning disk. That is, SSDs don’t have moving parts, and so are much less subject to mechanical wear and tear as they are used. But they do fail. Every brand of SSDs we have used, every one, including Intel, Corsair, […]

Wrasslin with DKMS

Turns out Centos isn’t quite exactly equivalent to Redhat, as far as DKMS goes. Don’t ask me why, I am having a hard time figuring it out right now. We are trying to not re-invent a wheel and use the Dell developed DKMS system. We want driver rebuilds to trigger on kernel updates when needed. […]

siCluster-NAS was announced at SC10 … but …

[updated] Its up on InsideHPC, and showing up on the PR sites now. One of these days I’m gonna learn to do this stuff earlier … … looks like it didn’t make it out some of the PR and news sites (I submitted it late to InsideHPC, and Rich Brueckner was positively inundated with bits, […]

OT: theater of the absurd

[update after the fold] Having just been through travel to SC10, and been put through the body scanner, the metal scanner, but thankfully no pat downs, I did see some of the more … aggressive … inspections in the beginning phases. Bruce Schneier has a long post on this, including many many links. Viewed 19027 […]