OT: the theater keeps getting more absurd

Like many other things today, this is a comedic horror show. Its god aweful, but you just can’t stop watching, and shaking your head. Apparently 70+% of US citizens want Israeli style airport security … which … curiously … works well. What we get instead is this.
Scanning someone … who is entering the country, after having flown into the country? Really? What … they might bring nail clippers in and pollute our hotel rooms with dropped clippings?
When are we going to start holding people responsible for their bad decisions?

5 thoughts on “OT: the theater keeps getting more absurd”

  1. Hey, I’m no TSA fan-boy (I think they are going about their task completely wrong, for the record), however, your whole premise here is in the usefulness of scanning of people coming into the country (i.e. off of a plane) and what they might be bringing with them?
    When’s the last time you flew? You go through security and hence, scanners, when you are departing, and getting *onto* a plane not when you have arrived and are getting *off* of a plane.
    You might want to get your facts straight before you go making blog posts.

  2. I didn’t see your link to the http://noblasters.com/ article in your article, i guess due to how it rendered here. Now that the color of the link is different (because i visited it), it’s quite obvious. My apologies.
    You are right. That is ridiculous and good for Matt for standing his ground.

  3. @Brian
    I appreciate the second post, and I’d like to point out that the first post was before you followed the link. I do have my facts straight. Sadly.
    FWIW, I fly quite a bit. I pay careful attention to what the TSA does. I’ve pointed out to TSA staff that their rules are not enforced uniformly, that the policies are not identical everywhere. They disagree, vehemently. Which is sad. Because they are in denial that they are inconsistent.
    Hey, if anyone from the TSA is reading, feel free to chime in, even anonymously. If you don’t want to, then let your bosses know that different security spots in the same airport apply the rules differently. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, and while I dislike terrorists immensely, they are not stupid in the sense of being unable to spot obvious patterns. Which they can and will take advantage of.
    This doesn’t mean crack down on everyone, this means apply the rules in a consistent manner, and make sure the rules make sense. Hint: the prohibition on liquids makes no sense. The groping of grannies and young kids … no sense. As before with the economics postings, it ain’t rocket science.

  4. Also, I heard an interesting characterization of the TSA, which is more an indictment of their hiring policies than anything else … some poster referred to them as the “Walmartization of security”. I think I saw that on Schneier’s site.
    Rather than spend a billion dollars on ineffectual security scanners from Mr Chertoff’s company, why not use that money to hire, I dunno, say 10,000 ex-cops to do the profiling? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  5. I guess because those 10,000 extra staff would be “invisible” to the public and the TSA wouldn’t think people felt “safer” because there was nothing obviously going on. They are stuck in the mindset of the appearance of security rather than the reality. 🙁

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