Mergers and Acquisitions: Isilon eaten by EMC

Yes, its old news now … announced Tuesday morning, and this is Saturday. Isilon, a maker of scale out NAS units (which hadn’t been spectactularly profitable … they had some issues in the recent past) has growing business in Bio-IT and other areas. They are a player in HPC storage for clusters.
EMC hasn’t really been a player in HPC for a while. In the past, some groups have tried to use EMC as the storage provider for HPC, but the economics and performance aren’t a good fit for most of their product line. Not specific to EMC, but you can always tell when an IT shop designs an HPC solution, versus and HPC expertise shop. The storage and computing platforms look very different between the two cases.
Now EMC went ahead and bought Isilon. So they are now in HPC.

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A fork in the Lustre road?

I’ve been waiting a while to post this, to see how things develop. Lustre does indeed have a future. The question is, will Oracle cede control over Lustre, or will it be forked by OpenSFS/WhamCloud/Xyratec ? A few short months ago, its future was cloudy at best. Oracle isn’t seemingly interested in HPC, except where it matters for the database side of things. So most things HPC specific (with little possible alternative use cases) have been given the heave-ho.
Products/projects with more than a pure HPC use case (Gridengine, etc) have been retained by Oracle and given an expanded mission. Which leaves Lustre in a decidedly difficult position, as it is basically an HPC file system (and little more).

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Semi-OT: When the engine of the economy sputters …

Sort of like Ayn Rand’s excellent Atlas Shrugged, when eventually enough barriers to building companies and forming wealth occur, they will stop trying. See the WSJ article about this. This impacts HPC, as smaller folks with good products, and awesome future products now see enough uncertainty that many are hedging their bets. Which means not … Read moreSemi-OT: When the engine of the economy sputters …

SC10 wrap up podcast

I’ve been behind on podcast viewing. Way behind. So today I was Rich Brueckner’s sidekick (queue sidekick music) on the InsideSC10 Recap. Link above takes you to the site, please do click it, as InsideHPC is in part supported by advertising revenue ( is a self funded effort). Video is also on Youtube, and you … Read moreSC10 wrap up podcast

SC10: the wind down

The conference is winding down. Tuesday was good, Wednesday was wild. Non-stop. I didn’t have a free moment. This was a good show. We got the siCluster-NAS formally launched (for less than $1000/usable TB with scalable bandwidth, we think it is pretty good). We got some nice financial services demos up running on the siCluster-NAS. … Read moreSC10: the wind down

SC10 day T+1: first full day of conference

Starting this post in the morning. I’d like to see us get some traffic going to the booth #4517 right next to the Ethernet Alliance booth. So how can we generate traffic … sorry no extraordinarily attractive obviously non-geek humans there … well, there’s product interest (we are announcing siCluster-NAS this morning), there’s swag (courtesy … Read moreSC10 day T+1: first full day of conference

SC10 day T-0: the gala begins

We are in booth 4517-ish, right by the Ethernet Alliance in the Intel Channel Partner booth. Come by and say hello! We have a nice quick Kdb+ demo, and will be talking about our siCluster-NAS scale out NAS product.