Power outage at day job

Running the main server on the generator (UPS connected). Gotta love DTE. Was down this morning, came back, of course lots of work to get done. Then we heard a big bang. Lights flickered and went down.
Oddly, one of our circuits is live. The rest aren’t but one is. Found it as the coffemaker light was on. Sheesh.
Will probably set up a backup site on the same machine that runs this site. Its on its own UPS. No generator though. Will look also at some sort of virtual hosting or slice hosting. I don’t want to pay more for this stuff if I can avoid it. Maybe set up a small JackRabbit pair at a colo somewhere, and run everything from that. We’ll see.
[update] we heard the fuses let go from about 100 meters away. At first I thought it was a truck rolling by hitting a bump.
Still no power. Moving web site and email to an offsite server for the moment.