SC10 day 0: The beowulf bash, and bacon wrapped servers

Doug says, “hey Joe, lets drive, so we don’t get soaked, and have better control over our leaving time.” Which makes sense. So into the GPS went the name, out came a set of directions, which we followed.
The thing about GPSes … well … the data can tell you about where things are, from a driving perspective. But having signs up helps. Otherwise, you wind up walking in what amounted to a semicircle for 15 minutes in a blowing rain, and getting the uncovered sections of your clothes innundated with water.
Lets stipulate that something like this did happen.
Met some old friends and acquaintances there, consumed some beer. Ate a few things that wandered by … no not the rats that we saw walking on the way back. They had some sort of chicken like devices, meatball like devices, and things wrapped in bacon.
Which got some of the lubricated minds thinking … if wrapping something in bacon makes the something better, wouldn’t bacon wrapped servers be better than ordinary servers? Wouldn’t bacon cooled servers (think phase change, as you need to melt the fat down, and its hopefully not conductive) also work, and be tasty as well?
Chris Samuel introduced us to a number of folks including Garrick who drove the Peking to Paris road rally over 2 months in a 1959 VW Cabriolet. The adventures were interesting to say the least. I found out that Chris was starting to look at using MPI-Hmmer (woot!) for some of his users.
Doug was in excellent form last night. Using his powers of persuasion, he was able to circumvent longer beer lines to find rapid service areas of the bar. His wicked sense of humor was on in full force (his may have been the mind responsible for the bacon wrapped server concept, certainly he explored the bacon cooled server concept for us).
All in all, despite the circuitous route we took to get there, and the calories we burnt off walking from the car to the boat, it was a very enjoyable night.