SC10 day T-1: the arrival

We got in this morning. Security was … er … security. I feel like the TSA should buy me a nice dinner. And maybe call sometime (feeble attempt at humor on my part). One gets the feeling that they are actively discouraging air travel.
Got in to the McKendrick-Breaux house, a nice B&B very close to the convention center, and costing a similar amount to hotels there. Nice location, very close. Walking distance.
Have lots to do to prep for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing people, customers, and seeing neat things. Will write about it here.

2 thoughts on “SC10 day T-1: the arrival”

  1. @Amir
    Yeah this is interesting. We predicted (long ago) that 2012-2013 would see 5% of the HPC market moving to accelerators. Looks like much more and much sooner.
    Somewhat bittersweet, as we were never able to raise funds to do what we wanted to do. My track record on guessing these sorts of changes is pretty good. Too bad VCs don’t want to make money 🙂

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