SC10 day T-2: The preparations

We are going to be there, in the Intel Channel Partner Pavilion (will find booth number and post it) on Monday and Tuesday. We have lots of work to do … and its Saturday.
First, we have to finish up the siCluster-NAS bits. Expect PR on Monday (will send it to InsideHPC and try to get it into the SC10 PR stream). Need to finish web page and handouts for it. Working on those now.
Second, since we aren’t bringing hardware (apart from laptops), we are setting up our demos in our lab. Hopefully no issues, all will work. We will have GlusterFS up over a pair of 10GbE’s, and possibly Ceph up as well. The latter may be harder, as btrfs still has some issues (performance and stability, but it doesn’t appear to corrupt data).
Third, updating our web page as well … might push this out a little.
Hoping to head out to the Beowulf bash on Monday night. Had to scramble to get a room. Nice B&B not too far from the center, a short walk will get us there. Reasonably priced too.
Looking forward to seeing people, so if you would like, please stop by and say hi, or stop us in the halls. We’ll be wearing siCluster (golf) shirts … black with a new siCluster logo.