SC10 day T+1: first full day of conference

Starting this post in the morning. I’d like to see us get some traffic going to the booth #4517 right next to the Ethernet Alliance booth.
So how can we generate traffic … sorry no extraordinarily attractive obviously non-geek humans there … well, there’s product interest (we are announcing siCluster-NAS this morning), there’s swag (courtesy of Intel), and some Scalable Informatics pens.
How about a quid pro quo. Come by and engage with us, and we’ll reciprocate. We can do some micro-interviews on the spot with the iPhone, and then we can stitch them together into a longer post (or even see if the team is interested in this). Who you are, what you do, why is it interesting, where can people go for more info.

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  1. Next time I can get out of our (Georgia Tech’s) booth (#1561), I’ll look. I made one quick tour but didn’t see y’all.

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