siCluster and JackRabbit benchmark report slightly delayed

My bad, we’ve been very busy. I had expected to have them done by show time, and of course, I haven’t had time. We have all the data, I have to sit down with it, finish crunching it, and put it into our document.
It will be done soon. Then we’ll post it on our web site and you can pull it down.
siCluster benchmark report will have (older) results from a GlusterFS set of tests. For those who think GlusterFS can never hit more than 1GB/s, I think we will do a pretty good job of dispelling this.
Our JR4 will be written up as well. I should point out that our current generation JR4 is roughly 2x the performance of our first generation JR5, the former with 24 disks, the latter with 48 disks.
I should also point out that on the show floor I was showing off our older (2 generations back I believe) JR4 sustaining 1.5+ GB/s write and 1.7+ GB/s read. This is a more than year old product generation. Our current generation JR4 is ~2.2 GB/s write/read.