siCluster-NAS was announced at SC10 … but …

[updated] Its up on InsideHPC, and showing up on the PR sites now. One of these days I’m gonna learn to do this stuff earlier …
… looks like it didn’t make it out some of the PR and news sites (I submitted it late to InsideHPC, and Rich Brueckner was positively inundated with bits, so its possible it may show up later).
So the PR is here, and we’ll have the reseller/contact list up shortly.
Nutshell version: Very cost effective scale out NAS built out of our siCluster product using Delta-V as the storage node, and GlusterFS v3.1+ as the storage network software. Provides NFS, CIFS, and GlusterFS client access.
The same units can also provide block storage, though we will typically segregate the block model from the GlusterFS due to the way it does replication (entire files).
Performance per node is pretty good at ~800 MB/s read and write (we’ve improved Delta-V quite a bit in performance over the last year) per storage node, and we support 10GbE, Infiniband, and 1GbE. No 40/100 GbE … yet 🙂
Capacities from 10 TB through many PB. Pricing is very aggressive, starting under $1000/usable TB. Systems available from our resellers and directly from us.
You may run Lustre (and eventually Ceph) on these if you wish, though that is our siCluster-FDS product rather than the siCluster-NAS product.
[update] yes, you can use this in a cloud/object store. GlusterFS does support this mode, and there may be some forthcoming product with a slightly different name specific to this. Ping me offline if you want to talk about it.