Wrasslin with DKMS

Turns out Centos isn’t quite exactly equivalent to Redhat, as far as DKMS goes. Don’t ask me why, I am having a hard time figuring it out right now.
We are trying to not re-invent a wheel and use the Dell developed DKMS system. We want driver rebuilds to trigger on kernel updates when needed.
But … while it works correctly with a simple dkms.conf on Centos 5.5, the same thing doesn’t seem to work on RHEL 5.5. I don’t have a handle on it yet. So we are loading up a unit with RHEl 5.5, and I’m gonna debug this.
If it doesn’t look solvable, I’ll bite the bullet and finish building our version. I don’t want to do that … I’d rather dkms work and be made to work correctly here.
Fun for a Monday morning.
I should note that we have most of the infrastructure in place, all we need is a state vector to indicate whether or not something has been updated for a particular kernel. Easy enough to do with a nested set of key/value pairs. Our finishing scripts already do everything we need. DKMS is an attempt to reuse an existing system without adapting ours.
[update] Not able to get it to do what we need it to do. Ok. Will build our finishing script variant. Just need some basic stateful stuff and a semi-intelligent script to manage it. Ugh. Re-inventing wheels I didn’t want to re-invent.