Changing commenting

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OT: faux-curity gone horribly awry

Call this, “shooting the messenger”. Call this, pointing out glaring flaws. Call this … well … for what it is … disgusting. It begs the question whether or not this is the US, or the USSR. Don’t anger the government by pointing out the flaws in one of their systems. There’s a series of ironic […]

Wondering out loud here … bear with me

After the last post on Atrato, I am thinking that VC money might be better invested in proven real businesses. Those that have survived a number of years, though hardship and through growth. There is less risk there. Ok, the VC model is fundamentally built upon taking a risk on a company. As the spate […]

… and Atrato goes under

Who, you might ask, is Atrato? A few years ago, they were pushing some sealed units that did “self healing”. That is, you never had to replace hard disks. They had some nice features, some venture money. What they never really got was traction. The concept was interesting, but as with all sealed and extremely […]

Saying “no”

Sometimes the sales process delves into the ridiculous. This is when the value proposition has failed, and the customer starts asking for bill of materials. Imagine if you will, apart from the ingredients listed on a package of food, you asked the vendor of said food to describe the exact amounts, the source of each […]

Advantages of Michigan USA for HPC (and data centers)

itssssss freaking cccccoooolllddddd Open the doors, let the outdoor air in. Our heater is running in the lab (large warehouse-like space). Can’t wait to start running the 5 ton AC unit next year. Right now, we have natural AC. Seriously … nice area for many reasons (low costs all around), and with some cleverness in […]