a plea for sanity in driver module versioning

Imagine you are working on a tool to figure out some driver module bits.
Now imagine you need to parse driver version info bits.
Imagine, much to your chagrin, you discover that … well … there is nothing close to a standard nomenclature.
Imagine your horror thinking about all those hours you wasted on the clever –sanity switch which would sanity check what you have against whats in there.
Now imagine being grumpy about this.
Yeah, thats me right now.
Please, if you are a kernel module writer, and you want to report version information in your module … please … please … please … make it uniform. We really don’t need

version:        Driver Version  2031/01/1

Really. We don’t need the bold faced bits. If you want them in there, encode it in the version like this:

version:        2031.

Really. Please.