Added some bandwidth to main site

We just updated our company internet connection. About 3.5x better download speed, about 6x better upload speed.
Its on a multi-wan router, with second different technology path being slower and less expensive, but with a 5 second cutover. Something bad happens to one path, the other takes over. This happens seamlessly, most users won’t notice this as DNS is roundrobin’ed.
This said, our multi-wan router is now a bottleneck. I’ve been looking at replacing it with either a faster appliance machine based multi-wan router, or a small Delta-V unit with enough NICs. The latter route should cost less in hardware (and it does), but finding a decent router distribution is proving to be a challenge. As I’ve discovered, clearOS (my early favorite) didn’t work at all on our box. Couldn’t get any traffic to transit the unit. Looked at many others. All had issues of one kind or another. Last one I am looking at is Zentyal, courtesy of a suggestion by Andrew. If this doesn’t work, I’ll commit the money for the appliance. Will try it tomorrow.
We have relatively simple needs. Multi-wan with firewall. Specific passthroughs for common ports; VOIP, etc. Custom rules to redirect specific traffic to specific servers.
Current design is a single large network (non-partitioned) for our use. We need to go to a partitioned network (not even on the same switch) to allow customers/partners in to our nascent cloud storage and HPC services, while we continue operating on the internal LAN. Not a DMZ per se, a separate net for customer use.
Our cloud HPC uses our partners systems (and some nice frontending on our part). Private access, private data, and encrypted if needed. Cloud storage of a similar nature. Send email if you want more info. We can create from a few GB through many TB (and more) for people to use.
But we needed more bandwidth. And I suspect we are going to need much more in short order. We are rapidly approaching the point of deciding whether a colo is a better (more cost effective) option than what we are doing now. Or even a multi-phased approach. Working out the costs.

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  1. In 2008 a net-admin friend of mine used monowall,, both at home and at our job. He had only good things to say.

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