… and the hits keep on coming …

Our documentation site is based upon wiki software from Mindtouch. I’ve liked their interface, it isn’t bad at all. It allows us to tier our content access, which is very important for our support models.
In an effort to keep the site up to date, I did a

yum -y update

and it went through and updated. Including the wiki.
Unfortunately, the new software has some terminal breakage. So, until we can unwind the breakage (or reform the site), the site will be down.
I’d hate to have to reform the site. Lots of good content in there (its in the database). It would simply be annoying.
This site was slated to be added to our backup server (but wasn’t). It was also slated to have weekly snapshots taken (its a VM), but … we didn’t have that set up.
Lesson number 1. Always have a backup. Always. Have. A. Backup.
Yeah, I got bit by some loose ends. That could have been easily fixed, had I followed lesson 1.
Not an epic fail, but a fail. Sheesh …