Docs wiki back up

That was annoying. The update/upgrade path effectively wrote over the old configs without telling me.
Snapshot script is up, and we will set up for weekly snapshots, and then deletion of the same after 12 weeks.
Did I mention that this was annoying?
On another note, we’ve had requests to refine/update the documentation, and we are doing that now. This is a work in progress, always will be, but we expect the docs to get much better in short order. Part of the existing docs came from a small pamphlet we had customized per unit shipped. The reason we went to the wiki was that these modifications became problematic over time, and with scale. This resulted in a defined need to adjust our mechanism of delivering documentation. Which we embarked upon about 3 months ago. Wiki’s are easier to maintain and search, kill fewer trees. Our paying support customers get access to this (we need an operational email for access).
Documentation should not be down again, we might wind up hosting a backup version on this server (which sits several miles/kilometers from the other one). Doug wants me to get a snapshot of our website here as well. Will start looking into that … we can put our webserver into a VM, and then replicate the DB’s, it shouldn’t be that hard. Something of a private (very tiny) cloud. A mist mebbe? Or a fog? I dunno.