I have to admit … the hardest thing about this business is getting closure

This is more of a business general issue than an HPC business issue per se.
We have lots of conversations with customers. We do lots of RFP responses. And we win some and we lose some.
But the thing I find hardest to deal with are potential customers going mute for long durations. Maybe there is nothing to report, maybe people don’t want to speak after making their decisions. Whatever the reason.
I’ve always found this to be personally off-putting. Someone doesn’t win business from us, I thank them for their time, even offer up a brief discussion of the reason why we made our decision, and then end the conversation. They have closure.
I just wish everyone did this. Otherwise, we wind up spending months sending “checking in” emails. Its got to be as frustrating to the people receiving them as it is for us not getting updates, either nothing going on, everything on hold, or you won/lost. Makes our planning harder as well, on the support side, on the scheduling side.