OT: faux-curity gone horribly awry

Call this, “shooting the messenger”. Call this, pointing out glaring flaws. Call this … well … for what it is … disgusting. It begs the question whether or not this is the US, or the USSR. Don’t anger the government by pointing out the flaws in one of their systems.
There’s a series of ironic humor jokes, ones that aren’t that funny, but more ominous, that start out “In Soviet Union, ….” and then have some sort of inverted (and ironic) aspect. This situation could be written into a joke like this.
The government appears to be punishing a pilot for having the temerity to show reality, for what it is, in a public forum.
This isn’t just wrong. Its a dangerous, slippery slope. People need to lose jobs over this. Policy and outlook, direction and focus, need to change at the TSA. This pilot is not your enemy. He is your friend. And he pointed out the flaws in the system. Flaws that many travelers may or may not be aware of. Flaws that the bad guys, whom the TSA is supposed to keep out, are likely to exploit.