The beginnings of dust …

So, as you might have seen from previous posts … I couldn’t fix what was broke in DKMS. We have some customers that insist upon the functionality, and we can’t fix the tool. So, rather than trying to force them to rerun our driver update scripts, we are automating the process. The idea is to make the whole process as easy as possible.
Most of the management bits are done, the build bits come tomorrow. But here is the beginning of dust (Driver UpdateS Tool). Its needed as the kernel shipped with RHEL is usually ancient with respect to drivers, and customers get real unhappy when their shiny new boxes are mute and forgetful. Which usually happens right after a kernel update.
First peek at dust below. It is GPL v2. Will get it into our public repository soon (maybe a chance to start working with git?)

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SC10 video is up

At InsideHPC, you can see me at the end of Wednesday night, trying to string words together sitting next to Rich Brueckner. Video turned out good. The laptop is my box (dude, I got a Dell!), and the little white thingy on the right with the blinking LED is the network connection. SC10 is a … Read moreSC10 video is up