should give everyone pause, and force a serious consideration of the risks of cloud and hosting

See this article. Yes, this deals with a hosting data center, but notice that some of the companies swept up in the sting’s removal of machines, had “cloud” projects of varying types.
This gets to risk of hosting or projecting important aspects into the cloud.
I am not saying “don’t do it.” On the contrary, I’d say make sure you have a backup of your data and functions in such a way that you can trivially switch between services. So that an FBI raid on a data center, which removes critical infrastructure you depend upon, doesn’t leave you out of business. Like it did in this case.
Call it a Redundant Distribution of Risk Across Cloud Hosts (RDRACH).
If your {cloud based data sets|cloud based data storage| cloud based *aaS } goes away, are you up a proverbial creek without a proverbial paddle? If all your {cloud based data sets|cloud based data storage| cloud based *aaS } is at one physical data center, or hosted by only one company, the answer is probably … yes .
If you are doing HPC in the cloud, and your data goes away, or your cluster goes away … does this increase mission risk?
Yeah, I know, the cloud is all about “not going away”. Tell that to the people in the article who had cloud based services hosted by companies with servers caught up in the investigation.
Cloud should be about risk reduction as much as capex cost savings and reduction of up-front costs. In fact, if done right, cloud should lower the price of handling this risk.