Eric Schmidt out in April as CEO of google

See here. Larry Page (U of Mich alum … woot!*)
More power to Larry (and all the other co-founders out there with vision and a desire to get the job done). Don’t forget to grow some data center bits here … its really cold right now … no need to spend on cooling for like 6 months out of the year! (not to mention, we have some nice servers we can customize for you! **).
Not that there was anything wrong with Dr. Schmidt. Bright guy, good head on his shoulders, really good business sense. My guess is something akin to “time to make a change” happened. There is speculation of a firing, and given that the transition is months in the future … I’d say, not so likely. More along the lines of “well, stick a fork in me, cause I’m done” type thing. Its a WAG on my part.
I happy though that the founders weren’t marginalized, their vision wasn’t diluted, and they still retain control. I think this is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for their to be a successful company.
* yeah, I am a Spartan from (uh oh) 2 decades or more ago … but my wife is a wolverine, so I guess its ok to cheer 🙂
** yeah, I know, we had this conversation a number of years ago at the googleplex. It was weird for me, going back to the old SGI HQ buildings, and seeing Google there.