Interesting observation with respect to the poll

I’ve been monitoring the IP addresses and logs on the poll voting. You can vote for more than one item, select several, hit vote, and it generates a cookie so that you won’t be able to vote again.
That is, unless you take the explicit step of clearing this cookie. And voting again.
What this is telling me is that people feel a need not to simply report their (possibly multiple) preferences … but instead to actively game an informal measurement system.
Rather than name and shame, what I think I’ll do is to go through the database (yes, everything is database backed here), and remove the duplicate votes … the ones … obviously unlikely to have been … er … accidental. So this way we can be sure that the self selected and informal poll isn’t drifting any more from a rough approximation of reality of the responsive readership.
Sad that this must be done. FWIW, some of the entries aren’t getting this treatment. Lets just say that some of the commercial and other entries are a bit more inflated than they should be.