My kingdom for good error messages … or something like that

I just spent too long tearing my (altogether far too few remaining) hair(s) out over a driver issue.
Qlogic 7240 IB card. Decent DDR unit. Our kernel. Very stable kernel. Rock solid under ridiculous load.
OFED 1.5.2 with all the nice bug fixes etc.
And inserting/removing qib would cause all manner of kernel hiccups. So much for stability.
Well, that is, as long as the ib_ipath.ko, from the kernel RPM, was in there. Make that go away, and stuff works.
Yeah … stuff. Works.
Meanwhile, the error messages are exceedingly helpful. Like this:

Jan 25 12:27:31 n0002 kernel: [   30.184600] Device ipath0 is missing mandatory function create_ah
Jan 25 12:27:31 n0002 kernel: [   30.184602] ib_ipath 0000:85:00.0: infinipath0: cannot register verbs: 22!
Jan 25 12:27:31 n0002 kernel: [   30.260128] ib_qib: Unable to register ipathfs

Quoting Inigo Montoya … you keep using that word [ed: helpful], I don’t think it means what you think it means