Day job PR: JRTI and Scalable Informatics Form Strategic Partnership

Will be up on the day job site tomorrow. We are very excited by these developments, and look forward to a productive relationship JRTI and Scalable Informatics Form Strategic Partnership to Provide High Performance Storage and CPU & GPU Clusters to Organizations Seeking Exceptional Results Richmond, Virginia (January 18, 2011)-James River Technical, Inc (JRTI), specialists […]

This is good news

Univa grabs GridEngine. Specifically: The company will immediately offer superior engineering support for Grid Engine versions already installed and will publish a Univa version of Grid Engine before the end of Q1 2011. Univa will concentrate on improving Grid Engine for technical computing and HPC use cases in addition to promoting the continuity of the […]

Call it what it is

Saw this on /. The open source Lustre high performance computing file system isn’t on the list of forked projects, but it is getting a new, community-driven distro that is trying really hard to say that they’re not officially a fork. ‘Since April of 2010 there has been confusion in the community, and we’ve seen […]

Interesting poll on Lustre futures

See here on LinkedIn. In case you can’t see it, the premise of the question is “Would you buy storage based on Lustre”, and it specifically points to Rich B’s article at InsideHPC. Choices are Yes, still Lustre No, I’d choose Panasas No, I’d choose GPFS No, I’d choose Gluster No, another solution Its a […]

OT: Ouch !

Not that cnbc is the bastion of correct/reliable/accurate reporting, but this article definitely hurts. The “American dream” has been to own your own house. We bought ours 13 years ago, with a 30 year mortgage. Refinanced 6 years ago to a 20 year mortgage, with the same payments. We assumed the value of the house […]

Worth asking again … does Lustre have a future?

This is going to sound like a strange question to ask. Yes … I know it is a strange question to ask given the events of the past few months. A long while ago, I postulated that Lustre’s future was (no pun intended) cloudy at best. That Sun/Oracle had an uncertain level of commitment to […]

I had read it right …

A partner was working with us on an opportunity. At some point in the process, the customer tripped my alarms. This was going well into 2×4 material (e.g. our proposal wasn’t going to be seriously considered). I shared my thoughts with the partner. They wanted to press ahead. Sure enough, we got word of our […]