Projects for the new year …

Some near term … some far term.
Pragmatic projects:
1) Dust. Almost to the point where I am happy releasing it. Will have ~6 driver packs, a spec, a user tool, and a roadmap when I am done. Think of it as a DKMS that works, and what it could have been.
2) Lustre. We have operational Lustre builds from the git tree, though these are 2.x builds, and not 1.8.x builds. Some customers need the 1.8.x builds. Trying to rapidly get those going.
3) New platform 1st prototype. Very cool stuff. This is the rho system I’ve hinted about in the past. Drool-worthy stuff. Significant step function in all aspects.
4) On-demand storage and computing. We have customers starting projects, and are looking to make things simple/painless. Will leverage some of our previously developed tools, and see if we can make it even more simple.
5) random collections of other things … better/saner benchmarking, better testing suites. On the hardware side, working on cooling our RAID cards better for JackRabbit platforms, and tool improvement on the DeltaV side. Changes we’ve already developed and pushed out have made a profound difference for some customers. Looking at making things easier on all fronts to service and support, as well as make them even more resilient.
Still debating on the value of pursuing investments. I’ve soured in the past on this, in other contexts.
The year promises to be exciting … I am working hard to making sure it is exciting in a good way.