Members of Rocks core team moving to Rocks startup

Rocks, as folks might know is a cluster distribution based upon Redhat/Centos. This brings in all sort of issues on its own, but Rocks attempts to work around this and knead the distribution and associated tools into a cogent form, for simple cluster setup. The core team consisted of the project lead, several developers and […]

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

The more things change, the more they stay the same. My former employer (left on good terms, between layoffs a decade ago next month) SGI has layoffs coming. This is a tough environment folks, a very tough environment. We pulled out a nearly 12% revenue growth in it. SGI posted a profit, but if you […]

The spork gains support

This is goodness. Really. Peter Jones just sent out an email to the Lustre Discuss list, and it covers much of what i was hoping to see. Process ownership, agreement around the release for 2.1, central tracker, and build info. Yeah, its probably not the optimal outcome, but its a better place than we were […]

Interesting FUD floating about

One of our competitors, having been recently purchased by a very large storage company, seems to be telling some customers that they replaced an infrastructure that we sold to to a large supercomputer center in the northern midwest. Curious, I hadn’t heard of this. Last I checked (a few minutes ago), the infrastructure was still […]

Cloudy expectations for HPC

I’ve mentioned in the past, where users expectations deviated, often wildly, from the reality of a system. The reason for these deviations of expectations could be internal (convincing yourself that “instant” means, literally, “instant”), external (believing marketing blurbs), or some factor between the two. At HPCinthecloud, an article on a user running head first into […]

We need to get better at weather forecasting

Big HPC area. Yesterday, all the forecast models had us getting ~1.5 inches (about 4cm) of snow with rain/ice afterwords. We got (locally by me) 12+ inches (30+cm). Ok. I don’t mind if there are large error bars. Really I don’t. But this ? I don’t know enough about the models to be able to […]

Need to look at MooseFS

Looks similar to a number of others, but whats interesting is that it keeps its metadata in RAM. How much of an impact that provides for updates depends upon the efficiency of the network stack, and how much security it provides depends upon its ability to recover from unplanned outages … that is, it can’t […]

Old model JackRabbit 5U bonnie++

Previous version of our JR5 unit, in the lab as a test bed for customers. Testing firmware and driver updates, among other things. Simple bonnie++ 1.96 run. You know I am not a huge fan of this as a load generator, or as a benchmark. Regardless, here is the output: [root@jr5-lab ~]# bonnie++ -u root […]

RFPs that request a pony

Yeah, I have one of those in front of me now. The requirements are for all intents and purposes, impossible to simultaneously satisfy. Q&A response from customer suggests that they may be willing to compromise some aspects, but not enough to actually satisfy their request. Sort of like “I want 1 PB … for free, […]

Pushing atoms versus pushing bits

Cloud computing is driving a disruptive change through a number of market places. It started long before virtualization, but virtualization really enabled much of what we have now. Remember, at the end of the day, the entire process is economic in nature. Cost per cycle does matter. When a vendor sells hardware, they are selling […]