… and Lustre sporks …

A spork is a cross between a spoon and a fork. Of course there is a double entendre buried in their, as spoon (or spooning) implies a close relationship, and a fork (or forking) implies a split from an original.
I think Lustre is sporking. Seriously. And this is a good thing for Lustre (as the major forces behind it are aligning, and still bending over backwords to avoid using the dreaded “f”-word).
InsideHPC has an article up on this. OpenSFS will work with Whamcloud.
Now we need HPCFS, the European group, and Xyratec to align as well.
Put another way, I’d really like to be wrong about there being more than one variant of Lustre at the end of this year.
I do take this as a positive sign. Lets see if it will get more positive.
But don’t call it a fork. Cause it ain’t.
Its a spork.