Interesting FUD floating about

One of our competitors, having been recently purchased by a very large storage company, seems to be telling some customers that they replaced an infrastructure that we sold to to a large supercomputer center in the northern midwest.
Curious, I hadn’t heard of this. Last I checked (a few minutes ago), the infrastructure was still in use.
Moreover, they said “they” replaced GlusterFS on the system.
Again … curious, as I don’t quite remember them on the con-calls. Or supplying the hardware. Or the Lustre software that was used to replace GlusterFS.
Folks, if you hear FUD like this, understand, someone wants to sell you something.
As the person who actually did do the Lustre install … personally … yeah, I can say, with some authority … that they weren’t involved.
I won’t say who they are. We do know of a few customers that have both of our gear. And you should hear the gushing comments we get … about ours … relative to theirs.