Storage bandwidth wall writ large

Henry Newman, CEO/CTO of Instrumental, has a great article on Enterprise Storage Forum. Remember, what we call the storage bandwidth wall, e.g. the time in seconds to read/write your disk, is your capacity divided by your bandwidth to read/write that capacity. Its a height, measured in seconds, to take one pass through your data. If […]

More code golf: “grid” computing

I told you I was an addict. Problem statement is here. This simple challenge requires you to calculate the maximum value found by summing all the rows and columns of a grid of numbers. And you want to do it in the minimum number of characters (e.g. golf strokes) in your programming language. They give […]

JackRabbit updates for greater density

JR4 units with up to 72 TB per 4U, at our nice sustained 2+ GB/s data rates. JR5 units with up to 144 TB per 5U at 2.5+ GB/s data rates. You can order our systems with these units. Thats 720TB/rack of JR4’s with 20+ GB/s sustained, or 1152TB per rack of JR5’s with 20 […]

Sometimes you get the bear … other times, the bear gets you

This took guts. The (new) CEO of Nokia noting that there are issues going forward. Nokia has had great handsets. I still recall with great fondness, the E61 that I left in a taxi somewhere in London after visiting a customer … But Nokia hasn’t innovated in a meaningful way, hasn’t adapted well to the […]

Physics humor for a Friday morning …

From xkcd Heh … If you don’t know what a complex conjugate is, read this. Basically, if I have a function Ψ(x) which has a “real” part ψr(x) and an imaginary part ψi(x), with the ψ’s being real valued functions, so Ψ(x) = ψr(x) +i*ψi(x)), then multiplying Ψ(x) by its complex conjugate (Ψ*(x) = ψr(x) […]

I know I shouldn’t be … but I am …

[update] a bug in my reasoning (thanks Peter!) a Perl Golf addict. Not a recovering addict, but one that is active. What is Perl Golf? Well, as in real golf, you try to provide the minimal number of steps to a solution. In this case, you are to solve the specific puzzle. Detractors of Perl […]

fun with SCSI targets

Had some fun today with our SCSI target. Its a very nice system, very powerful. Not terribly easy to use. But it works well. We have tools we developed around it to make it easy to use. Creating iSCSI targets works nicely with our target code. It builds the target, sets up the infrastructure. Done […]

… and Lustre sporks …

A spork is a cross between a spoon and a fork. Of course there is a double entendre buried in their, as spoon (or spooning) implies a close relationship, and a fork (or forking) implies a split from an original. I think Lustre is sporking. Seriously. And this is a good thing for Lustre (as […]

Semi-OT: No … really … no …

This is an economic thing. If I sell my house, in my suburban neighborhood, and I make a profit from that activity, should I be required to share my profit with my neighbors, who don’t own my house? The answer to this is, obviously not. If my business makes money, and makes a profit, should […]

And yet again …

Me: (presents A) “So what do you think?” Them: “Hmmm … nice but what comes after A?” Me: “Lets get another time slot and I’ll go over that” (time passes … order of weeks) Me: (presents post-A) “So what do you think” Them: “Hmmm … nice but what comes after post-A?” Me: “Lets get another […]