RFPs that request a pony

Yeah, I have one of those in front of me now. The requirements are for all intents and purposes, impossible to simultaneously satisfy. Q&A response from customer suggests that they may be willing to compromise some aspects, but not enough to actually satisfy their request.
Sort of like “I want 1 PB … for free, with free lifetime 24×7 support, … , infinite bandwidth, infinite snapshots, infinite IOPs. And I want a pony.”
[shakes head in disbelief]
Some RFPs are workable, some are amusing, some are hardwired for a vendor (dealing with a different one now like this). Some are just … well … impossible to meet all the “requirements”.
This is what happens I guess when people divorce the collaborative design concept from a purchase. When the relevant items are defined down to specific model numbers, and other requirements set, in such a ways as to be conflicting …