The spork gains support

This is goodness. Really.
Peter Jones just sent out an email to the Lustre Discuss list, and it covers much of what i was hoping to see. Process ownership, agreement around the release for 2.1, central tracker, and build info.
Yeah, its probably not the optimal outcome, but its a better place than we were a week or more ago. And that was still better than a month or two ago.
The obligatory comment at the end of the email is that Oracle owns the trademarks. I won’t get into that now.
But there is a process for pretty much everything, and it looks like everyone is on board for the process. Which is a good thing. And no assignment of copyright for contributions, just a signoff sheet.
So we have some nice RPM build bits we threw together to generate 2.1-alpha RPMs for testing. Might see if theres interest in this.