Pot … kettle … yeah, something like this

I think this news story is a day early. It has all the requisite gems in it. Smith offered a litany of examples of what he describes as Google’s anti-competitive practices ? arguing, for instance, that Google has disadvantaged competitors in video search, promoted its search boxes through exclusivity deals and sought to leverage its […]

Something we are working on

Ignore some of the ugly table bits to the left. Still working on the screen layout, menu look/feel, etc. But you can get a sense of what we are doing. This will appear at the HPC Linux on Wall Street show with us next week, as we will be running demos from this (and showing […]

Hilarious startup robot pitches a VC …

As seen on InsideHPC in a post Ok … a long time ago I posted a somewhat silly post, briefly lampooning the VC’s penchants for crowd-funding ideas that were buzzword heavy (and, ahem … value-lite … ahem), whilst ignoring real innovation, real markets, real companies. This video does a similar type of lampooning, and it […]

Oracle dumps Itanic

You can sort of see this coming. Oracle is ditching Itanium development, effective immediately. If they haven’t done so for Power … yet … I’d expect this soon as well. Oracles’ claim is that Intel is ditching Itanium. Well, yeah, its sort of a weak argument. The future of Intel isn’t much on the Itanium […]

Parts shortages

We’ve noticed this over the past week. Have a number of new orders, and suddenly, memory is hard to find. And prices have jumped dramatically. From /. Japan’s natural disasters and nuclear crisis have already caused silicon wafer shortages that are rippling through the global supply chain of semiconductors for everything from your garden variety […]

OT: Darned caffeine containment leak …

on my desk. Quick thinking Doug managed to help me avoid a tragedy of epic proportions (completely covering my desk with coffee) by application of the caffeine leak containment device (e.g. towel). No pictures of this tragedy, and it was unrelated to any earthquakes. It was related to the klutz whose left hand was near […]

What should 432TB of storage cost?

This is close to 1/2 PB. Assume you are building a very fast storage unit and backup system. What should this cost? Yeah, we can argue about cost per GB/s and cost per IOP/s. Assume 3GB/s, and 10k IOPs. Assume the unit is 144TB raw (108TB usable) primary fast storage, and 288TB raw (216TB usable) […]

Day job PR on a new accelerated cluster at Stanford

See InsideHPC for the scoop. PRWeb stuff here. Will have it up on our site soon. This uses the XCT chassis, which lets us use C20x0 Fermi, as well as other PCIe cards (can you say Virident Flash? ) The system will be using Bright Computing’s excellent Cluster Management tool. We will take pictures/movies during […]

Not good

The earthquake, tsunami and its after effects are terrible enough. Our thoughts are with the people of Japan (we have quite a few readers there). The US Red Cross has setup to take donations for relief work there if you are inclined to go that route. If you are in Japan, and have alternative suggestions […]