Day job at 2011 High Performance Computing Linux Financial Markets on Monday 4-April

We will be there, with 2 machines in a booth with our partner JRTI/XCT. We are featuring Flash hardware from Virident and showing a demo (or set of demos) on very high performance data analysis using kdb+
Scalable gear will include a JackRabbit JR4 unit with 2x Virident TachIOn cards (think drool-worthy 1GB/s 300k IOP cards … ). Everything in the JR4 is new, apart from the disks … which are older/slower (what we had on hand). So we won’t hit our top speed, but it will still be quite good.
The deskside supercomputer Pegasus system should be (nearly) silent. Might hear a whirr of fans, but this unit is very quiet. Considering it has 2 of the hottest/fastest Intel Xeons in there … this is quite an accomplishment. Good thermals are important. And its got a Virident tachIOn card in it (woot!)
Stop by if you can!