Day job PR on a new accelerated cluster at Stanford

See InsideHPC for the scoop. PRWeb stuff here. Will have it up on our site soon.
This uses the XCT chassis, which lets us use C20x0 Fermi, as well as other PCIe cards (can you say Virident Flash? )
The system will be using Bright Computing’s excellent Cluster Management tool.
We will take pictures/movies during assembly and installation. Should be fun!
About 15TF, 100x Fermi units, 96TB storage. Excellent design overall (pats himself on the back), and a major win for our partner JRTI and us, validating our strategic partnership. We have a number of others in queue now, so you may be hearing about these soon.
XCT is an interesting product as noted, and we plan to use it in multiple other scenarios.