Hilarious startup robot pitches a VC …

As seen on InsideHPC in a post

Ok … a long time ago I posted a somewhat silly post, briefly lampooning the VC’s penchants for crowd-funding ideas that were buzzword heavy (and, ahem … value-lite … ahem), whilst ignoring real innovation, real markets, real companies. This video does a similar type of lampooning, and it is, sadly, on the money.
If we were pitching the day job as a “Social network, and crowd source content and media data repository” rather than as a “high performance storage and computing solutions” company … yeah … chances are we’d get much more interest from that community.
If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. Along these lines, we highly recommend reading The Venture Company articles. While not fully targeted at the same readership of the video, the articles lay bare the myriad of issues with this market. I strongly recommend this articles. Many others on the site make for a good read.

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