I can't believe I forgot to update this

Day job storage unit has increased density. JackRabbit JR2 tops out at 36TB now, JackRabbit JR3 tops out at 48TB, JackRabbit JR4 tops out at 72TB, and JackRabbit JR4 tops out at 144TB. 8 of the latter can go into a 42U rack, and get you 1.1PB of insanely fast storage.
Our measured bandwidths are also quite good. JR4’s are demonstrating sustained 2+GB/s. JR5’s … well 🙂
DeltaV units of similar size specs.
These massive storage units are not just fast, but very cost effective. Aggregate them into a siCluster storage cluster and … well … you know … Scale up and scale out storage, at very aggressive price points, with excellent per unit and aggregate performance, scale up and out network bandwidth.
GlusterFS and others on the Scale out NAS product. Lustre, GlusterFS, FhGFS, and others on the FDS product. Block and file level, thin provisioning, multiple simultaneous presentation layers (e.g. you don’t have to change out your storage to change out your file system).