Deskside box with lotsa GPUs

Testing this for a partner. A Pegasus deskside supercomputer with 12x X5690 CPU cores, 48 GB RAM, 500 MB/s IO channel (soon to 1 GB/s), and a GTX 260 graphics card. Connected to an XCT a-Brix 2U unit with 4x NVidia Fermi C2050’s (normally we’d use a JackRabbit unit, but they are all busy with […]

… and NetApp buys Engenio …

[updated] Ok, this one is huge. Many of the higher end storage folks in the HPC world use this hardware. Which NetApp will now own. NetApp is not an HPC storage vendor, and I don’t think they have designs to be one [update] yes they do! But this goes to Cray, SGI, Oracle, Dell, IBM, […]

when failures stick out like a statistical sore thumb

Parts fail. Components fail. You have to operate assuming they will fail. A warranty is fundamentally a bet that parts will fail, and a willingness to place money (the price of the warranty) on that bet. Over time, with enough components, you get a feel for how often parts fail. You get historical data. When […]

Single vs Multi-stream on JackRabbit JR5

A customer was playing with one of our lab machines (a JackRabbit JR5), and asked us if we could improve the multithread streaming performance. The way we had it set up (for internal testing) was non-optimal for their use case. So we went back and did some simple tweaks. Somewhat better optimized for their use […]

BTW: had an iPhone-ish meltdown

took all my contact data with it … so … if you happen to want me to contact you, gotta give me some numbers to reach you at. Private email me at and I’ll re-enter it (and store it somewhere else). Yeah, mobile device backup? Pretty darned important? Me? A fool for not doing […]

I can’t believe I forgot to update this

Day job storage unit has increased density. JackRabbit JR2 tops out at 36TB now, JackRabbit JR3 tops out at 48TB, JackRabbit JR4 tops out at 72TB, and JackRabbit JR4 tops out at 144TB. 8 of the latter can go into a 42U rack, and get you 1.1PB of insanely fast storage. Our measured bandwidths are […]

Quick accounting tool for Torque

A long while ago, I had developed a usage summary tool for gridengine. For our small internal cluster, we are using Torque (we set it up just as the dejecta was hitting the high rotational rate elements w.r.t. gridengine at Oracle, link URL may not be safe for work, and you might be offended by […]