Ignore the spork behind the curtain …

At InsideHPC, Rich notes in a post

LUG Grows up. At LUG?2011, Lustre users wrapped their first community-run annual meeting this week with over 60 member organizations in attendance. That?s up 50 percent from last year, and now the popular open source file system seems to have a unified roadmap going forward. That means no dreaded code fork that worried so many.

Heh … I’d argue that the (sp)fork already happened, its in the past, and people have decided to continue moving forward with the new (sp)fork.
This said, this is decidedly not a bad thing. As I had predicted, Oracle has largely abandoned all things HPC that it couldn’t remission for some other decidedly non-HPC purpose. The only realistic reason for retaining ownership of the Lustre IP/copyrights/etc. is to get back into the game later, or to sell it to someone else. But they won’t commit resources now (or probably, if ever).
The (sp)fork was inevitable. With the announcement of the community distribution, the joining together of the groups (as I had suggested previously) with a business interest in the stack, yeah, there now appears to be a non-terminal future for Lustre.
This doesn’t address the other issue, when the panel likened Lustre and GPFS to stocks, and asked for a short term/long term view. That was very telling, and maybe I’ll write about this soon.