Interesting acquisition: STEC takes KQ Infotech (assets)

I wasn’t expecting this one. KQ Infotech, a smaller development house probably best known for their porting of ZFS to Linux, and providing the tools required for end users to build their own ZFS on their own machines (thus getting around some of the major hurdles with GPL and CDDL licenses).
I was not expecting this, though to be honest, we’ve seen some pretty interesting M&A bits over the last 2-4 weeks.
I am guessing that the ZFS port was one of several things STEC wanted. However, the language of the deal suggests that KQI ran out of money. Whenever you see “acquired the assets of” in the description … yeah … the company was close to being shuttered.
Here is the link. Read the FAQ for yourself.
STEC is a hardware company. And here they go acquiring a group that develops file systems, kernel interfaces, etc. Hmmmm….
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